JumpStart to Jira for Administrators (TTDV7540)

Tracking issues is a critical component of your project management strategy. Jira provides a web based repository for creating, tracking, and reporting on feature requests, bugs reported, or managing your workflow. This hands-on course enables you to administer a Jira instance and “learn by doing”. The course focus is on exploring best practices and practical skills through hands-on activities. You’ll also receive a copy of Jira Essentials - Fourth Edition by Patrick Li.

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Join an engaging hands-on learning environment, where you’ll explore:

  • Getting started with Jira Administration
  • Groups vs Roles
  • Project Resolution
  • Schemes
  • Jira as a Platform
  • Workflows
  • Custom Fields
  • User Lifecycle
  • Remote JIRA Access
  • Migrating Data into Jira


Administrators who are new to Jira.


You should have experience with the basic platform administration principles.


Getting started with Jira Administration

  • JIRA conceptual review
  • Core concepts
  • Terminology
  • Infrastructure
  • Jira roles

Groups vs Roles

  • Overview
  • Project roles
  • Creating a role
  • Project scaling
  • Jira User management

Project Resolution

  • Project status
  • Resolved status
  • Resolution date


  • Overview
  • Project scope schemes
  • Adding users to schemes
  • Issue type schemes
  • Notification schemes
  • Permission schemes
  • Issue security schemes
  • working with schemes

Jira as a Platform

  • Overview
  • What can be configured
  • Basic Jira project setup
  • Advanced project setup
  • Workflows
  • Overview
  • Designing a workflow
  • Defining a workflow
  • Implementing a workflow
  • Deploying workflows
  • Workflow events
  • Transitions and sub-tasks
  • Custom Fields
  • Overview
  • Field types
  • Field context
  • Limiting contexts
  • Adding contexts
  • Screens and field configuration
  • Best practices for custom fields

User Lifecycle

  • Overview
  • Adding users
  • Adding third-party users
  • Modifying users
  • Deactivating users

Remote Jira Access

  • Overview
  • Emails
  • SQL
  • REST
  • Webhooks
  • XML and RSS
  • Command Line Interface
  • Integrating Jira with other applications

Migrating Data into Jira

  • Overview
  • Migration steps
  • The CSV importer
  • Jira cloud migration

Summary and Best Practices

  • Looking back at the “Big Picture

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