Tandem Solution Live Training

Live Learning Class options


If you have 2 or more students, we will design the perfect private class that fits your team's specific training needs. This class will be delivered exclusively for your staff either onsite at your location or at our Louisville facility on the date and time that works best for you.

Private classes can be customized to ensure that the training fits the skill-sets of your attending students. Your team has the option to customize the lecture, demonstrations, hands on labs, and length of our traditional classes.

Creating a customized private class allows you to exclude the topics that your team does not need so that they can focus on relevant subject matter. This both shortens class time and guarantees that you are only paying for the training that you need. Creating your custom/private class is provided at no additional charge..


Tandem Solution has public schedule of instructor-led classes that are held at our Louisville facility. Our trainers are certified to deliver our courses and often provide consulting services in their areas of expertise. Additionally, our trainers have excellent organization and presentation skills that provide an exceptional learning experience for our students.

Virtual Training

Students may elect to attend Live Instructor-led Virtual classes. This option enables students to connect to the actual classroom and fully participate, from a remote location, home, or office. Students are also welcome to come to our Louisville training facility and take their class in the privacy of one of our classrooms. Students can take their class anywhere they have internet access and feel comfortable. Students will hear the instructor lecture, see the instructor demonstration, view the instructor’s presentation, fully interact with the instructor and class discussions, and perform all of the hands-on exercises that are required for the class. Your instructor will monitor your progress and offer assistance if needed. This method of delivery is available on most computer operating systems and tablet devices. While not always utilized, HD video is also available. It is a very interactive process and students are not just sitting in front of a computer going through a workshop. We stand behind our virtual live classes the same as any other class, guaranteed satisfaction or your money back. Our goal is to provide students with the highest quality learning event possible.

What to Expect in a Virtual Live Class

A virtual live class is hands-on, instructor-led training. Your workstation in the remote classroom will have the course software loaded and you will be provided with a copy of the official course manual and other materials for the course. The training is live and interactive.

You'll be able to:

  • View the Instructor’s Presentation: Using Web conferencing, you can see the instructor’s desktop as he or she steps you through demonstrations or displays PowerPoint presentations.
  • Listen and Participate: Using voice over IP (VOIP) technology, you can listen to the instructor and participate just as in a regular class.
  • Get help from the Instructor: Remote Desktop software enables the instructor to access to your computer and view your desktop. Should you need it, you can give control of your computer to the instructor to provide help.
  • Have Face-to-Face Interaction: We didn’t forget the human touch. You’ll be able to interact with other students and the instructor from your remote location.

How Does It Work?

You’re probably familiar with web conferencing software that lets you meet and collaborate with colleagues in different locations. The same kind of software is used in delivering our remote classes. Internet conferencing technology lets you to see what is happening on the instructor’s PC as they demonstrate how to use the course software. It’s also used to transmit other aspects of the instructor’s presentation such as PowerPoint slides, whiteboard work, and the instructor’s image on the web camera.

What do I need to Attend?

  • A computer running Windows (other OS's ok available depending on class); if available, an additional monitor or computer may be used so that you can see the broadcast of the instructor presentation alongside the exercises and labs for your class
  • A high speed Internet connection (DSL or faster)
  • A hands-free headset with head piece and microphone or a standalone microphone and computer speakers
***Tandem Solution provides technical assistance to all it's virtual students to ensure a quality and smooth delivery.

Cisco High Definition Instructor-Led Training (HD-ILT)

HD-ILT™ (High Definition Instructor Led Training) combines the advantages of remote training, with the virtual reality of being in the classroom with a live instructor using video conferencing. Utilizing the same patented Remote Lab Access (RLA) that in-classroom students are using combined with life-size high-definition audio and video, students at a HD-ILT™ facility receive the same experience as those in the classroom. Instructors are able to see and hear students in the HD-ILT™ real-time, no difference from the students sitting in the same classroom as the instructor.

HD-ILT™ has allowed us to bring advanced technical training to underserved areas and also to people that would previously need to travel to attend such training. Since most people do prefer Instructor-Led-Training (ILT) to online learning, HD-ILT™ brings the location flexibility advantages along with the interactive training environment of ILT. One of the largest benefits of HD-ILT™ is that because of the ability to consolidate training needs across the nation Sunset Learning has moved to a completely guaranteed to run training schedule. Sunset Learning Institute is the first Cisco Learning Partner Specialized to be able to offer a completely guaranteed to run schedule to their customers.