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August 15,2018

Microsoft Power BI Webinar

Power BI is a great enterprise tool for connecting and viewing data. Organizations can use these insights to help make sound business decisions. In this Webinar John Ecken Discuss Power BI and its functionality

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July 5,2018

CyberSecurity Means Job Security

Tandem Solution cybersecurity certifications program has grown quickly and provides students with extensive hands-on training for an array of career opportunities in the field. According to ESG research, 51% of organizations report having a problematic shortage of cybersecurity skills in 2018. This is up from 45% in 2017.

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May 16,2018

Why is Data Important

Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Science, Data Engineers, The Internet of Things. We tend to hear so much about the ever-growing aspect of data in today’s business climate but why? When we were kids we often questioned “why do I have to study history it has already happened”. We were often give the explanation that

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April 16,2018

Office 365 Collaboration

Office 365 offers so many features and functions to make your organization more productive. In this video presentation John Ecken of Tandem Solution goes through what to except when your organization gets office 365 and different ways that office 365 can be used to Collaborate.

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January 13,2018

Advanced Deployment Operations with Hyper-V and PowerShell Direct

Have you ever wanted to deploy a datacenter simply by pressing enter? This is the session for you. Watch this Webinar for some scripting, demos, and even a few terrible jokes. We look forward to helping you learn how to get more out of your day to day IT operations with Hyper-V and PowerShell. In todays world

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January 16,2018

Microsoft Power BI: On-Premise to the Cloud

Microsoft announced in October 2016 that they will be allowing Power BI reports to be hosted in SSRS. During the announcement they released an Azure image that allows the testing of this service. Last month it was announced that a downloadable version will be available in January as a technical preview with a production version

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