About Tandem Solution

Most businesses will profess that their people are their greatest resource. Job-specific training for personnel has been shown to improve performance, job satisfaction, and bottom line.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality and best value job specific training in the Kentuckiana Region.

Tandem Solution, LLC was created in 2004 in direct response to the need for an urgent change of paradigm in professional development training for all businesses. The previous industry model for training forced companies to pay top dollar for generic one-size-fits-all training; this often created added costs for travel in addition to rising and classroom expenses. Pre-packaged training left business leaders frustrated and overwhelmed at being unable to find comprehensive, budget-friendly, and “right-fit” solutions for employee training needs. Customizing your training saves money by reducing the number of days in the classroom.

We understand that your investment in training has to be focused, project specific…and most importantly, show an immediate return. In addition to your class content, the format, timing and even location can all be tailored to your needs. We can provide training at your site or in any of our training facilities.



Monday—Friday: 8:00AM–5:00PM

While Our main office is located at 9913 Shelbyville Road Suite 200 Louisville, KY 40223 we have many Satellite offices around the region and the Indianapolis, IN area.