Advanced Deployment Operations with Hyper-V and PowerShell Direct

Advanced Deployment Operations with Hyper-V and PowerShell DirectBy Joe Bolser Webinar 0 Comments Have you ever wanted to deploy a datacenter simply by pressing enter? This is the session for you. Watch this Webinar for some scripting, demos, and even a few terrible jokes. We look forward to helping you learn how to get more out of your day to day IT operations with Hyper-V and PowerShell.

In todays world, IT departments are expected to be more productive, with smaller budgets, less time, and fewer staff members. What is a Hyper-V administrator to do when they start feeling this crunch? The Short Answer is: Automation and efficiency.

“There is a saying that many have likely heard. If you have to do something twice, automate it. This saying applies to Hyper-V as well. The features that some of the various Microsoft tools offer certainly provide a level of efficiency, with things like VM Templates, Group Policy, and WSUS, but there is so much more efficiency to be gained by adding the automation capabilities of PowerShell, and more specifically PowerShell Direct in Windows Server 2016, into the mix. With PowerShell, the sky is the limit as to what can be accomplished simply by launching a script.

This demo-heavy session will focus on the efficiencies and automation that can be achieved during VM deployment operations by leveraging PowerShell Direct. There will be a little something for everyone, starting with some basics, like learning how to navigate PowerShell itself. Then well get into some more advanced topics such as the deployment of virtual machines and their contained workloads, because its not enough to just manage the virtual machines. Also remember that most administrators are also responsible for the workloads inside the VMs as well! Additionally, well talk about how PowerShell can be used to integrate some operations from 3rd party vendors, so you can create even more efficiency at all layers of your environment.