Reporting Cisco Contact Center Enterprise (CCER)

Enable Contact Center support teams to access reporting solutions for end-to-end reporting in a CCE deployment.

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Course Days: 2

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Course Objectives:

To assist customers and partners in the task of creating reports from disparate data sources in a Cisco Contact Center deployment. The course considers the nuances of analyzing and troubleshooting in various deployment scenarios. Designed Tier 2/Day 2 Support.



The knowledge and skills that students are expected to have before attending this course are:

  • Basic knowledge of computer networking components – Windows A/D, SQL Server and components (servers, routers, switch) is helpful but not required
  • Understanding of Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise components and call flows
  • Experience administering Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise
  • Advanced Packaged Contact Center Enterprise administration experience

Recommended Cisco Learning offerings that may help students meet these prerequisites:

  • Cisco CCEF Course
  • Cisco CCEA Course
  • Cisco CCEAA Course
  • Cisco CCNA Course
  • Cisco CLFNDU Course


Target Audience:

  • Sales Engineer
  • Deployment Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Account Manager


Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Foundations

This lesson provides an overview of Cisco Unified Intelligence Center including the benefits and features of the system. This lesson also describes the high-level architecture of Cisco Unified Intelligence Center in the UCCE environment.

  • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center – Basics
  • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center – Deployment Models
  • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center – Reports
  • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center – Data Sources
  • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center – Additional Considerations
  • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center – Access
  • Discovery 01-1: Navigate Discovery Architecture and Components
  • Discovery 01-2: Import Base ICM Configuration


Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Administration and Operations Console

This lesson provides an introduction to the Cisco Unified Intelligence Center administration console to perform Cisco Unified Intelligence Center administrative, maintenance, and provisioning functions.

  • OAMP Console Introduction
  • Admin User Management
  • Device Configuration
  • Log and Trace Settings
  • Control Center Features
  • Cluster Configuration
  • Tool Selections
  • Discovery 02-1: Explore Cisco Unified Intelligence Center OAMP


Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Attributes

This lesson discusses the functional attributes of the Cisco Unified Intelligence Center.

  • Stock Reporting
  • Dashboard Features
  • Value Lists and Collections
  • Permalink Features
  • Roles and Permissions Basics
  • Users and Groups Components
  • Report Definitions
  • Discovery 3-01: Work with Stock Reports
  • Discovery 3-02: Work with Dashboards
  • Discovery 3-03: Explore Value Lists and Collections
  • Discovery 3-04: Explore Supervisor Defaults
  • Discovery 3-05: Create a Reports User
  • Discovery 3-06: Use Group Settings


Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Custom Reports and Views

This section discusses customizing Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Reports and Views.

  • Creating Views
  • Building Report Definitions
  • Generating Custom Reports
  • Discovery 4-01: Edit Report Views
  • Report Definitions and Drilldowns
  • Create Custom RCD Report Definition (Database Query) and Report
  • Explore Value Lists and Drilldowns
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