Adobe Animate Core Skills: Level 2

Adobe software is virtually the same on the Mac and PC platforms. When taking this class from one of our locations, it will be taught using PC hardware with Windows software. Minor Mac keyboard and interface differences will be highlighted by the instructor. When taking this course from home or office, students can use either PC or Mac hardware to attach to the hosted Windows-based Adobe software.

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Course Days: 3

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Once you gain a foundation and some experience using Core Skills, you are ready for Level 2 training. IMPORTANT: To ensure you have the necessary skills for successful participation in the Level 2 training for Animate, please carefully review the topics included in the Level 1 course for Animate.
In Level 2 classes, content is covered at a faster pace and additional focus is placed on use of shortcuts and real world 'tips and tricks' to improve your workflow.
Each lesson includes unique and challenging project files. The Level 2 class also goes more thoroughly into advanced topics with some of the project files from our Level 1 courses.

Advanced Motion Tweening
  About the Motion Editor
  Understanding the Project File
  Adding Motion Tweens
  Editing Property Curves
  Viewing Options for the Motion Editor
  Copying and Pasting Curves
  Adding Complex Eases
Controlling the Camera
  Animating Camera Moves
  Getting Started
  Using the Camera
  Creating Depth
  Attaching Layers to the Camera for Fixed Graphics
  Exporting Your Final Movie
Animating Shapes and Using Masks
  Getting Started
  Animating Shapes
  Understanding the Project File
  Creating a Shape Tween
  Changing the Pace
  Adding More Shape Tweens
  Creating a Looping Animation
  Using Shape Hints
  Previewing Animations with Onion Skinning
  Animating Color
  Creating and Using Masks
  Animating the Mask and Masked Layers
  Easing a Shape Tween
Natural and Character Animation
  Getting Started
  Natural Motion and Character Animation
  with Inverse Kinematics
  Creating a Walk Cycle
  Disabling and Constraining Joints
  Adding Poses
  Inverse Kinematics with Shapes
  Simulating Physics with Springiness
Creating Interactive Navigation
  Getting Started
  About Interactive Movies
  ActionScript and JavaScript
  Creating Buttons
  Preparing the Timeline
  Creating Destination Keyframes
  Navigating the Actions Panel
  Add JavaScript Interactivity
  with the Actions Panel Wizard
  Creating a Home Button
  Playing Animation at the Destination
  Animated Buttons
Working with Sound and Video
  Getting Started
  Understanding the Project File
  Using Sounds
  Understanding Video
  Using Adobe Media Encoder CC
  Understanding Encoding Options
  Playback of External Video in Your Project
  Adding a Video Without Playback Controls
  Understanding Publishing
  Converting to HTML5 Canvas
  Publishing for HTML5
  Publishing a Desktop Application
  Publishing to Mobile Devices

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