Office 365 Introduction

Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud-based collaborative suite of apps. Office 365 focuses on accessibility to documents and communication, mobility, and team collaboration. This course will provide an overview of the apps available in Office 365. Learn the core features of Office 365, how they can simplify your workday and make your team more productive.

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Next Date: 06/13/2024

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Audience profile
This class is for individuals new to Office 365 and for decision-makers considering Office 365 or responsible for implementing Office 365 in their organizations.

Basic Windows and Microsoft Office skills are required. No prior Office 365 experience is necessary.

Introduction to Office 365
What is Office 365
Ways to access Office 365 – online, desktop, mobile
Benefits of using Office 365

Navigate Office 365
Customize Office 365 start page
Search for apps, documents, people, team sites
Overview of the apps
Easily access documents
Navigate with the start menu

Work with your documents with OneDrive for Business
Store personal documents with access anytime, anywhere, any device
Search for documents
See documents shared with you
Recover deleted documents
See your team documents
Create new documents, or upload existing documents
Manage sharing and permissions of documents yourself
Work online, or in the desktop
Collaborate and co-author documents in real-time
Access your documents without an internet connection

Access Email on the Go with Outlook on the Web
Navigate Outlook
Manage your inbox
Work with incoming mail
Work with new mail
Work with modern Email attachments
Schedule a meeting

Keep track of tasks with Planner
What is Planner
Quickly view the status of a plan
Easily edit and modify a plan
View a plan by Boards, Charts, or Schedule
See all tasks assigned to yourself

Create a survey
Work with survey responses
Share a survey
Create a quiz

Work with all your tasks in one place with To-Do
Create your personal To Do list that syncs up everywhere
Work with your tasks
Work with the built-in lists – Tasks, Flagged email, Assigned to you
Work with the filtered lists – Planned, Important, My Day

Work and Collaborate better with Teams
What is Teams
Accessing Teams
Navigate in Teams
Communicate with your team
Work with documents in Teams
Make a document tab
Private conversations
Escalate conversation to audio call
Meetings in Teams

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