Db2 for z/OS Systems Fundamentals

System Administrators, Systems DBAs and Database Administrators who will be supporting Db2 for z/OS and require a working knowledge of the Db2 deliverables.

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Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the Db2 for z/OS Environment
  • Perform basic Database Administration Functions
  • Use Commands and Utilities to manage Db2 Objects
  • Code and execute simple SQL Queries
  • Deploy and Implement Application Plans and Packages
  • Describe the responsibilities of Systems Administration


A working knowledge of TSO/ISPF, MVS JCL (MF1010).

  1. Introduction
    • Db2 support of the Relational DBMS Model
    • Db2 Deliverables
    • Db2 Operational Environment
    • Personnel
  2. Data Structures and Database Administration
    • Db2 Database Object
    • Object Types
    • Naming Conventions
    • Data Definition Language
    • Db2 Catalog and Directory
    • What a Database Administrator needs to know
  3. Db2 Commands and Utilities
    • Db2 Commands
    • Db2 Online Utilities
    • Db2 Offline Utilities
    • Service Aids
  4. SQL Language and Query Processing
    • Data Manipulation Language
    • Coding basic SQL Queries
    • Access Path Optimizer
    • SQL Access Paths and Performance
  5. Application Development and Support
    • Languages Supported
    • Embedded SQL Basics
    • Binds and Rebinds
    • What a Db2 Developer needs to know
  6. Systems Administration Overview
    • Critical Subsystem Structures
    • Critical Subsystem Resources
    • What a Systems Administration needs to know

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