VMware Digital Workspace: Core Technical Skills

Through VMware IT Academy, “Digital Workspace: Core Technical Skills” prepares the learner for a starting position in the IT Support domain. Through a series of targeted, selfpaced lessons, the student acquires the skills to perform operational tasks typically assigned to the roles of operator or junior administrator.

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Course Days: 2

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Target audience
o Upper-secondary students
o Community college/technical college
o College and university
o Technical learners/professionals


Learners should have a good understanding of the basic compute components.

Course Outline

1. Digital Workspace Overview
2. Introduction to Virtual Machines
3. How Virtualization Works
4. vSphere and the Software Defined Data Center
5. VM Virtual Hardware
6. Overview of vSphere Clusters
7. Introduction to Horizon
8. Horizon Architecture
9. Introduction to Horizon Cloud
10. Working with Horizon Administrator
11. Horizon Pools
12. VMware Horizon Client
13. Monitor Horizon with Horizon Administrator Console
14. Monitor Horizon with Helpdesk Tool
15. Introduction to App Volumes
16. App Volumes Architecture
17. Manage Application Assignments with App Volumes
18. Manage Writable Volume Assignment with App Volumes
19. Introduction to VMware Dynamic Environment Manager
20. Navigate through Dynamic Environment Manager Console
21. Verify user settings with VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Helpdesk Tool
22. Gather Horizon Agent Logs
23. Unified Endpoint Management Fundamentals
24. Workspace ONE Components
25. Navigating the WS1 UEM Console
26. Navigating the Workspace ONE Access Console
27. Managing Web Apps in WS1 Access
28. Monitoring with WS1 Intelligence
29. Enrollment with WS1 Intelligent Hub
30. Mange Endpoints in WS1 UEM
31. Users and Assignment Groups in WS1 UEM
32. Profiles and Compliance Policies for Devices
33. Email Access
34. Content Access
35. Application Management
36. Certification Information

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