Tetration Operations (TETOPS)

This one-day ILT course following the Tetration Implementation course is designed for Application, Security, and Network Engineers who operate the Tetration Platform for Application and Security Operations. This course will cover material from an Operations perspective, discussing best practices, caveats and common issues.

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Course Objectives

After taking this course, students will gain knowledge in:

  • Advanced ADM
  • ERSPAN Agents
  • Security Policy
  • Troubleshooting
  • Security Dashboard

Who should attend

  • Network managers
  • Network or Security Technicians
  • Security engineers


Tetration Implementation (TETIMP)


Class Outline:

  • 1. Advanced Application Dependency Mapping
  • 2. ERSPAN Agents
  • 3. Security Policy
  • 4. Troubleshooting
  • 5. Flow Search
  • 6. Tetration Platform Monitoring
  • 7. Security Dashboard Operations

Lab Outline:

  • Lab 1: Advanced ADM
  • Lab 2: ERSPAN Agent ADM
  • Lab 3: Enforcing Security Policies
  • Lab 4: Segmentation Policy Violations
  • Lab 5: Policy Conflict Resolution
  • Lab 6: Security Rule Breaks Application
  • Lab 7: What if? How to Issues Reoccurring?
  • Lab 8: Flow Search
  • Lab 9: Security Dashboard Operations

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