Tetration Implementation (TETIMP)

Tetration is the platform that discovers, monitors and secures your applications - enabling the Zero Trust Model. This two-day ILT course will introduce you to Tetration and prepare you to configure and use Tetration to manage application security and performance. Students will discover, manage, monitor, and secure applications in a live lab environment.

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Course Days: 2

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Course Objectives

After taking this course, students will gain knowledge in how to prepare, configure and use Tetration to manage application security and performance.


Who should attend

  • Network managers
  • Network or Security technicians
  • Security engineers


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Students can complete their Tetration training with the Tetration Operations course: Tetration Operations (TETOPS).


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Tetration Overview
  • 3. Workload Protection Solution Architecture
  • 4. Planning and Deployment
  • 5. Application Dependency Mapping
  • 6. Tetration Platform Monitoring
  • 7. Whitelist Policy Enforcement
  • 8. Whitelist Policy Analysis
  • 9. Prevention – Before the Attacks
  • 10. Quarantine and Remediation
  • 11. Detection – During the Attacks
  • 12. Remediation – After the Attacks
  • 13. Alerts & External Integrations

Lab Outline:

  • Lab 0: Accessing the Lab
  • Lab 1: Tetration Overview with Security Dashboard
  • Lab 2: Explore Application & Policy
  • Lab 3: Software Agent Installation
  • Lab 4: Whitelist Policy Creation using ADM with Software Agents
  • Lab 5: Segmentation Compliance with Policy
  • Lab 6: Compliance Analysis & Policy Change Request
  • Lab 7: Identifying Malware & Vulnerable Hosts
  • Lab 8: Minimizing Attack Surfaces
  • Lab 9: Vulnerability Quarantine and Remediation
  • Lab 10: Identifying Network Anomalies
  • Lab 11: Attack Detection and Quarantine
  • Lab 12: Security Forensics

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