Project Management Overview (PM03)

This 1-day seminar provides participants with an introduction to the three core knowledge areas in the Project Management Institute (PMI) Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) 6th edition, and several of the supplementary knowledge area that round out the core concepts. Best practices in formal project management methodology are presented. The class introduces the basics of the triple-constraint model – scope management, time management, and cost management – then it presents the essentials of quality management and risk management. As this is an introductory class there will be a few exercises to give the students a chance to get some hands on learning in these areas.

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In this one-day workshop you will experience the various elements of managing a project within a team.  Concepts will be presented and discussed.  You will have hands-on exercises with a variety of project management tools and techniques


  • Anyone who is currently working, or will be working on a project team
  • Project leaders who want to learn a process to use within their team
  • Individuals working on a project on their own
  • Functional managers who manage cross functional project teams


1. The Project Management Framework

  • What is a Project?
  • Project Objectives
  • Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle
  • What is Project Management?
  • What is Program Management?
  • What is Portfolio Management?
  • Role of the Project Manager
  • Program/Portfolio Management
  • PMBOK Processes, Process Groups and Knowledge Areas

2. Core Concepts

  • The Triple Constraint
  • How do You Define Success
  • Managing Uncertainty
  • What is Quality?
  • Planning Quality
  • Project Subsidiary Management Plans
  • Project Scope Statement
  • Stakeholders and Stakeholder Analysis
  • Project Objectives
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
    • Product-Oriented WBS
    • Phase-Oriented WBS
  • Developing the Project Schedule
    • Activity List ? Schedule Development
    • Estimating Techniques
    • Schedule Network Diagram
    • Types of Dependencies
    • Schedule Compression
  • Developing the Budget
    • Estimating Costs
    • Determining the Budget
    • The Link to Cost 

3. Supporting Knowledge Areas

  • Project Quality Management
    • Quality Concepts
    • Plan Quality Management
    • Manage Quality
    • Control Quality
  • Project Risk Management
    • Risk Management a Structured Approach
    • Identify Risks ? Categorize Risks
    • Risk Syntax
    • Probability-Impact Matrix
    • Assessing Risk
    • Risk Response Strategies
    • Monitoring Risks
  • Project Monitoring and Control
    • Calculating Variance
  • Wrap-up

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