Office 365 Power User

Office 365 provides many apps for day to day operations, from surveys, communication, project management, and collaboration. This course will provide an in-depth look at how to use features within Teams such as chat, online meetings, calls, and more. Learn the core features of Teams and how it relates to other Office 365 apps to make your team more productive.

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Next Date: 12/11/2023

Course Days: 1

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Audience profile
The course provides a thorough understanding of the various tools available in Office 365. It is intended for the user that wants to understand all the functionality in Office 365, as well as for the user that may support an organization that is migrating to Office 365.

Basic Windows and Microsoft Office skills are required. No prior Office 365 experience is necessary.

Course Outline

Introduction to Office 365
Explore the homepage settings
Search for Apps, SharePoint sites, documents, people, and news
Customize the app launcher

Manage your documents with OneDrive for Business
Sharing on the web versus sharing on the desktop
Changing permissions
Review documents you have shared
Stop sharing your documents
Recover deleted documents
See your Team documents
Create new documents, or upload existing ones
Work with your documents online, or in the desktop
Sync for access without an internet connection
Different security levels of sharing links

Access your emails and meetings with Outlook on the Web
Navigate outlook
Organize your inbox
Work with email in your inbox
Work with new emails
Modern email attachments
Work with your calendar
Schedule a meeting
Work with your contacts
Work with Tasks

Keep track of tasks with Planner
Create a plan
Quickly view the status of a plan (Dashboard view) by favoriting
See all plans and recent plans
View a plan by Boards, Charts, or Schedule
Work with tasks
Group and filter your views of a plan
See all tasks assigned to you

Work with all your tasks in one place with To-Do
Work with lists
Create custom lists and groups
Work with tasks
Share lists
Planner tasks, Flagged emails, and Outlook tasks
Filtered lists - My Day, Important, and Planned

Automate process and approvals with Flow
Navigate Flow homepage
See approvals
Work with templates
See My Flows
Create a Flow

Work and Collaborate better with Teams
Adjusting your Teams view
Create a team
Manage a team
Communication options
Individual and channel notifications
Add documents to the document library
Work with documents in Teams, on the web, or in the desktop
Add custom tabs to your workspace
Private conversations and collaboration
Escalate conversation to audio call
Meetings in Teams
See all your files
Access other apps

Course Dates Course Times (EST) Delivery Mode GTR
12/11/2023 - 12/11/2023 10:00 AM - 4:45 PM Virtual gauranteed to run course date Enroll
1/17/2024 - 1/17/2024 10:00 AM - 4:45 PM Virtual Enroll