Multicloud Automation and Orchestration with Cisco CloudCenter Suite (CLDAO) v1.0

The Multicloud Automation and Orchestration with Cisco CloudCenter Suite (CLDAO) v1.0 certification concentrates on the understanding and application of Cisco CloudCenter Suite solutions. It involves mastering cloud management, from deploying and managing applications across various cloud environments to optimizing governance and costs. Industries use this to leverage multicloud platforms seamlessly, orchestrating data and services across disparate infrastructures. With this certification, individuals can demonstrate their ability to assist enterprises in deploying applications, and provisioning cloud and data center resources, ensuring improved agility, reduced operational costs, and effective resource management. Hence, it's a significant enabler in helping organizations navigate multicloud complexities.

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Multicloud Automation and Orchestration with Cisco CloudCenter Suite (CLDAO) v1.0 Certification Training Overview

Cisco CloudCenter Suite's Multicloud Automation and Orchestration (CLDAO) v1.0 certification training provides comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary to utilize Cisco CloudCenter Suite solutions. The course covers topics such as multicloud management, application modeling, deployment management, application optimization, and cost governance. Students also learn about cloud brokerage, cloud orchestration, and the integration of public and private cloud environments. This course leads to a professional certification, equipping IT professionals to manage multicloud and hybrid cloud environments efficiently.


Why Should You Learn Multicloud Automation and Orchestration with Cisco CloudCenter Suite (CLDAO) v1.0?

The CLDAO v1.0 course provides valuable insights into multicloud automation and orchestration, allowing IT professionals to manage and implement complex cloud solutions effectively. It enhances understanding of Cisco CloudCenter Suite capabilities, which leads to improved productivity, greater efficiency, cost savings, and minimizes risks associated with cloud transitions. Knowledge gained can provide a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.


Target Audience for Multicloud Automation and Orchestration with Cisco CloudCenter Suite (CLDAO) v1.0 Certification Training

- IT professionals involved in cloud solutions and strategy
- Cloud architects and designers
- Network engineers and administrators progressing towards cloud-related roles
- System administrators managing hybrid or multicloud environments
- Professionals seeking to understand cloud automation and orchestration


Course Prerequisites

- Basic understanding of cloud concepts
- Knowledge of virtualization and networking
- Experience with public, private, or hybrid cloud environments
- Basic skills in Linux OS and scripting languages
- Familiarity with Cisco unified computing system (UCS)
- Prior IT or network operations experience.

Introducing Cisco CloudCenter Suite Action Orchestrator

  • Cisco CloudCenter Suite Architecture

Defining Action Orchestrator User Management and Security Considerations

  • Cisco CloudCenter Suite User Management and Security

Defining Cisco CloudCenter Suite Action Orchestrator Adapters

  • Action Orchestrator Adapter Creation

Examining Action Orchestrator Integrations and Supported APIs

  • Cisco CloudCenter Suite Action Orchestrator APIs


Lab Outline:

Labs are designed to assure learners a whole practical experience, through the following practical activities:

  • Create Workflows and Runs in Action Orchestrator
  • Create Users, Groups, and Tenants
  • Create a Custom Adapter
  • Use Action Orchestrator to Manipulate Business Data
  • Use Action Orchestrator for Day-0, -1 and -2 Workload Manager–Action Orchestrator Integrations

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