Manual Web Testing with Selenium

Selenium provides mechanisms for interacting with web pages through browsers, including locating and interacting with specific features within a web interface. A tool such as Selenium IDE can be used to perform the testing in a relatively manual fashion. Selenium also comes with WebDriver, which provides a programmatic interface (API) for controlling and managing Selenium tests and interactions. WebDriver provides a mechanism for capturing and repeating tests with a web interface.

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At Course Completion

Students will leave this course armed with the skills required to recognize how to test web applications for sufficiency. This course uses Selenium and the Selenium IDE to design and implement tests, working through a sample Web Application that requires several testing scenarios.

Working in a hands-on learning environment guided by our expert team, attendees will learn to:

· Understand web page testing needs and how Selenium meets those needs

· Analyze a web application from a functional and testing perspective

· Design, code, and run manual tests using the Selenium IDE

· Use Selenium constructs to locate elements on a web page

· Test web page forms and the elements in those forms

· Use test suites to organize and manage tests


Audience Profile

This is an introductory -level Selenium course, designed for experienced web developers that are familiar with web technologies (such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript), who wish to get up and running on testing web applications.



Ideally students should have approximately 6 months to a year of web development working knowledge.


Session: Selenium Basics

Lesson: Introduction to Selenium

· Introduce Selenium

· Selenium Concepts and Terminology

· Manual Testing using Selenium and the Selenium IDE

· Automated Testing using Selenium WebDriver

Lesson: Using The Selenium IDE

· Start the Selenium IDE

· Understand the components of the Selenium IDE

· Use Web Developer Inspector to inspect elements in a web page

Lesson: Creating and Running a Manual Test

· Testing planning and Test Plans

· Use Selenium IDE to create and run a manual test

· Understand the Selenium IDE components

· Page Transitions and Globbing

Session: Testing with the Selenium IDE

Lesson: Selenium Locators

· Use Selenium IDE to find a specific spot on the web page

· Built-In Locators

· Find by HTML Features

· Find using CSS

· Find using XPath and the DOM

Lesson: Test Suites

· Group manual tests into test suites

· Create test suites when creating tests

· Importing tests created with the Selenium IDE

Lesson: Selenese

· Selenese Overview

· Selenese Commands

· Action Commands

· Accessor Commands

· Assertion Commands

Lesson: Forms

· Selenese Commands for Working with Forms

· Form Actions

· Text Form Actions

· Keys

· Button Form Actions

· Other Actions

Lesson: Exporting Manual Tests

· Export a manual test to a WebDriver Java test

· Export process and options

· Establishing test naming conventions

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