Managing Networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure (NMENPI)

The Cisco Prime Infrastructure (NMENPI) certification involves the management of wireless and wired networks in an enterprise setting. The certification offers comprehensive knowledge about managing and troubleshooting network infrastructure using Cisco Prime solutions. For industries, it is often seen as essential because it provides valuable skills for handling advanced network systems and ensuring their smooth operation. The certification involves understanding and deploying various elements of the Cisco Prime Infrastructure Solution and is used to optimize network performance, quickly troubleshoot network issues, and create detailed reports for predictive planning. Skilled NMENPI professionals can manage the health and safety of the network, improving the industry's overall productivity and efficiency.

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Managing Networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure (NMENPI) Certification Training Overview

The Cisco Prime Infrastructure (NMENPI) certification training provides comprehensive knowledge on how to manage networks using Cisco Prime Infrastructure Solution. The course covers essential topics like the architecture of Cisco Prime Infrastructure, overseeing wireless networks, maintaining network health and troubleshooting network issues. Various components — such as administration tasks, device configuration management, reports, health monitoring, and system configuration — are also covered during the training. Through this certification, trainees get hands-on experience with prime products to effectively manage enterprise networks.


Why Should You Learn Managing Networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure (NMENPI)?

The NMENPI course provides a substantial advantage in managing Cisco networks, ensuring optimal performance, speed, and security. It heightens efficiency and problem-solving capabilities, gives an edge in troubleshooting, and opens doors for career advancement in network management. It also aids in understanding sophisticated network technologies and their applications.


Target Audience for Managing Networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure (NMENPI) Certification Training

• Network engineers and administrators interested in network management
• IT professionals aiming to enhance their Cisco network management skills
• Specialist network professionals desiring an advanced understanding of Cisco management tools
• Individuals preparing for Cisco certification exams
• Information Systems/Technology teams in businesses reliant on Cisco networks.


Course Prerequisites

• Basic knowledge of networks
• Understanding of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP), and CLI
• Familiarity with Cisco IOS Software and Cisco Prime Infrastructure
• Knowledge of Wireless LAN Controllers and Access Points
• Knowledge of routing and switching
• Experience with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Cisco Prime Infrastructure Overview 
  • Module 2: Inventory Management
  • Module 3: Map the Network 
  • Module 4: Role-Based Access Control 
  • Module 5: Configuration Management 
  • Module 6: Compliance Management 
  • Module 7: Services Management 
  • Module 8: Monitor and Troubleshoot 
  • Module 9: System Administration

Lab Outline

  • Lab 1: Access Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Lab 2: Perform Initial Server Configuration
  • Lab 3: Populate the Network Inventory
  • Lab 4: Manage the Network Inventory
  • Lab 5: Manage Groups
  • Lab 6: Manage Device Software Images
  • Lab 7: Manage Wireless Maps
  • Lab 8: Manage Network Topology Maps
  • Lab 9: Create a Virtual Domain and Add a User
  • Lab 10: Manage the Configuration Archive
  • Lab 11: Manage Wired Device Templates
  • Lab 12: Manage Wireless Device Configurations
  • Lab 13: Manage AVC and QoS Services
  • Lab 14: Monitor Devices and Interfaces
  • Lab 15: Monitor the Wireless Network
  • Lab 16: Track Clients. Users, and Applications
  • Lab 17: Generate Reports
  • Lab 18: Configure Operations Center

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