Managing An Effective Project Portfolio (OPM-330)

This workshop is based on the book Effective Portfolio Management Systems (© 2016, CRC Press) and is consistent with the Standard for Portfolio Management (4th Edition, © 2017, Project Management Institute) and the Governance of Portfolios, Programs, and Projects: A Practice Guide (© 2016, Project Management Institute). It describes the appropriate relationship between projects, programs, portfolios, and an organization’s strategic goals, and then focuses on a 4-phased organizational portfolio development lifecycle, from portfolio definition to portfolio implementation and monitoring. Workshop attendees will discuss how organizational strategy does (or does not) guide portfolio management, as well as how to select the “ideal” projects to include in a portfolio – and who should make such selection decisions. Using a Case Study, attendees will also participate in multiple interactive exercises to design a high-level organizational strategy and portfolio blueprint, select portfolio projects, and develop an Organizational Portfolio Management (OPM) Implementation Plan.

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Course Days: 3

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At the end of this workshop, each participant will be able to:

  1. Define and describe the Organizational Portfolio Development Phase and the importance of the strategic importance of an organization’s Project Portfolio.
  2. Define and describe the OPM System Implementation Plan Phase and the importance of identifying and clarifying the portfolio’s benefits and intended outcomes.
  3. Define and describe the OPM System Implementation Phase and the importance of managing stakeholder expectations on a portfolio.
  4. Define and describe the OPM System Monitoring Phase and the importance of managing stakeholder expectations on a portfolio.
  5. Define and describe the OPM System Change Management Phase and the important role of the Organizational Change Management Life Cycle.
  6. Identify the challenges and opportunities typically encountered on a Program through a Portfolio Management Case Study that will be integrated throughout this 3-day workshop. 

Intended Audience:

This workshop is appropriate for employees already familiar with basic project management concepts and who seek to understand the value of effectively managing projects within an organizational portfolio, better aligning their projects to strategic goals, and making the best use of shared resources across the organization.  


None; but familiarity with project management is highly recommended.

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