Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt)

This 5-day instructor-led course prepares participants to take active Lean Six Sigma roles as team leaders skilled in problem-solving. Greenbelts follow the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology to collect performance data, analyze it to find root causes, find ways to eliminate these causes and establish sustainable solutions. Lean concepts and tools are blended inside the DMAIC structure to add more insight to the analysis and power to the solutions.

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Course Days: 5

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At Course Completion

After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Describe the main methods for improvement, Lean and Six Sigma
  • Show how both methods work together to achieve better solutions
  • Explain the DMAIC method for problem solving
  • Follow the Define phase steps and tools to initiate a well-defined project
  • Follow the Measure phase steps and tools to baseline the performance of the current process
  • Apply the Analyze phase tools to find the causes behind poor performance
  • Follow the Improve phase steps and tools to design corresponding solutions
  • Implement the Control phase tools to deploy and standardize solutions

Audience Profile

The audience for this course is varied, since problem solving skills are key to success in most jobs. Professionals in many companies and sectors will find this training useful in their careers.



There are no course pre-requisites apart from basic knowledge of proportions, percentages and algebra. Students with experience leading or participating in projects at work will get the largest benefits.


Module 1: Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma

This module presents both methodologies for improvement and shows how they work together to achieve better solutions.

Module 2: Define

This module explains how to initiate a well-defined project. Participants study how to create a project charter, gather customer needs and lay out the current process.

Module 3: Measure

This module explains how to baseline the performance of the current process in order to understand better what to improve upon.

Module 4: Analyze

This module explains how to find the root causes which must be eliminated in order to improve the current situation. From this point the methodology turns away from analysis and toward design.

Module 5: Improve

This module explains how to design solutions that eliminate the root causes identified previously.

Module 6: Control

This module explains how to deploy and standardize the solutions so that they may have maximum impact in the organization.

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