Introduction to Cisco 5G Solutions

The Cisco Service Provider – 5G solution course introduces the participants to evolution of 5th generation cellular networks, discuss the various trends driving the need for 5G, business impact of 5G networks and Cisco’s 5G solution for the service providers to deploy and rollout new services to customers and enable them to improve operational efficiency. The course will cover Cisco 5G Powerx consisting Unified Enablement Platform, Seamless X-Access convergence, 3-Stage realization program. The Cisco ultra services platform, Cisco 5G policy Suite (CPS) solutions, Cisco SONFlex, NCS500 service access routers, Cisco Security for 5G networks and Cisco SP network automation are discussed in detail.

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Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:   

  • Deploy mass scale IP networks using the advanced routing portfolio
  • Deploy Open virtualized RAN
  • Deploy Cisco crosswork SON (Self-Organizing Networks)
  • Deploy, monitor and manage Cisco NCS500 series access routers
  • Perform basic troubleshooting


The knowledge and skills that the learner should have before attending this course are as follows:

  • You should have a basic working knowledge of applicable 3GPP network operations.
  • You should have a thorough understanding of IP routing and networking protocols,
  • You should have attended Cisco LTE200 training.
Who Should Attend

The primary audience for this course is as follows:

  • Network engineers
  • Network consulting engineers
  • Customer support engineers
  • Field engineers

Course Outline

4G LTE vs 5G

Introduction to 5G cellular networks

  • 5G services
  • Network-as-a-service
  • IOT Connected devices
  • Smart Cities
  • Mobile SD-WAN
  • Mobile Managed Security
  • Mobile Video
  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • Connected Mobile experience

5G Network Architecture

  • NG-RAN
  • Standalone vs Non-Standalone
  • 5G NSA Option 3 Variants
  • 5G Deployment options
  • Identities
  • 5G Core
  • Cloud Native
  • 5G SA Based and Service Based Architecture

Enabling technologies for 5G

  • Control / User plane separation (CUPS)
    • Concepts and standards
    • Inline vs remote CUPS
    • Reference point specifications
  • Cloud scale Networking with Cloud RAN / core and SDWAN
  • Mobile network to Scale with video using EMC
  • Network Slicing
    • Overview
    • Benefits for operators
    • Slice / Service types
    • Slicing according to 3GPP

Front-haul, mid-haul, back-haul

Interworking with 4G

  • Cisco core network solution evolution
  • Voice and IMS options in 5G SA
  • EPC vs 5GC

Cisco’s Cloud based approach to 5G

  • 5G converged SDN transport Architecture
  • Segment routing
  • Cloud RAN
  • Service Provider Automation portfolio
  • Security First mobile transport
  • Open vRAN
  • Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC)

Cisco Ultra Service Platform

Cisco Policy Suite (CPS)

  • PCRF, vDRA
  • API Gateway
  • Network Slicing (NSSF)
  • Network Resource Function
  • Policy Control (PCF)
  • Network Exposure (NEF)

SONFlex and SONFlex Studio

Cisco Security Architecture

  • Orchestrated security solutions
  • Threat / Dark Threat Mitigation

Cisco Service Provider Automation

  • Change Automation
  • Health Insights
  • Network Insights SaaS
  • Situation Manager
  • Data Platform
  • Cisco NSO
  • Cisco WAE

Cisco 5G transport ready Product offering and features

  • NCS 540
  • NCS 560
  • NCS 5500
  • ASR9900

Application Awareness

  • Segment Routing

Service Unification via EVPN

NSO Service Orchestration

Stringent Synchronization

  • Frequency Sync
  • Time Sync
  • Phase Sync

Zero Touch Provisioning

Network Visibility with Telemetry

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