Introduction To SQL Database For Developers

Before beginning to work with Microsoft SQL Server in either a development or an administration role, it is important to understand the scope of the SQL Server platform. In particular, it is useful to understand that SQL Server is not just a database engine—it is a complete platform for managing enterprise data. SQL Server provides a strong data platform for all sizes of organizations, in addition to a comprehensive set of tools to make development easier, and more robust.

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Before taking this course, students should have knowledge of writing T-SQL queries, and working knowledge of relational databases.
This course is designed for developers.

Course Outline


  • Introduction To Database Development
  • Planning And Designing a Database Structure
  • Modernizing Your Database Design Processes with DevSecOps
  • Enforcing Data Integrity Through Constraints
  • Understanding Database Indexes, Design and Utilization.
  • Designing Optimized Index Strategies
  • Columnstore Indexes
  • Designing And Implementing Views
  • Designing And Implementing Modern Stored Procedures
  • Implementing User-Defined Functions
  • Responding To Data Manipulation Via Triggers
  • Using In-Memory Tables
  • Implementing Managed Code in SQL Server
  • Storing And Querying Xml Data in SQL Server
  • Storing And Querying Spatial Data in SQL Server
  • Storing And Querying Blobs and Text ::Documents in SQL Server
  • SQL Server Concurrency
  • Performance And Monitoring

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