How to be Cyber Secure

At the end of this Cyber Security workshop, team members will understand the importance and impacts of common information security challenges, and how to avoid or solve them. The workshop helps everyone on the team understand how and why awareness, security hygiene, and incident prevention is everyone’s responsibility.

Retail Price: $250.00

Next Date: 11/18/2021

Course Days: 1

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About this Course

  • Understand Cyber Risk and the threat landscape
  • Recognize and spot the common attacks
  • Rules of safe password creation
  • Approach security as a team
  • Tie user security practices to policy and governance



  • Anyone using computers or other organizational infrastructure.
  • Team members, team leads, and executives who want to make sure they understand the contemporary digital threat landscape.


Part 1: Risk Overview

  1. Understanding risk
  2. Understanding the threat landscape
  3. The dangers of exposing your customers to threats

Part 2: Understanding the common attacks

  1. Phishing and Spearphishing
  2. Email and web scams
  3. Device and laptop scams
  4. Mobile scams & calls
  5. Spoofing

Part 3: Passwords

  1. Strong password characteristics
  2. Best practices for password policy
  3. Password managers

Part 4: Device and system security

  1. Human interactions
  2. Device “Don’t-dos
  3. Common sources of vulnerability

Part 5: Security buy-In for teams

  1. Security hygiene and engagement
  2. Practical engagement strategies
  3. Rule of least privilege
  4. Separation of duties

Exercise: Spot the weakness – Spend five minutes walking through Google’s phishing simulator to see how vulnerable you are to being tricked by clever, targeted attempts to trick you into clicking on malicious links and giving attackers access to your machine and your organization’s network.

Course Dates Course Times (EST) Delivery Mode GTR
10/15/2021 - 10/15/2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Virtual Enroll
11/18/2021 - 11/18/2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Virtual Enroll
12/2/2021 - 12/2/2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Virtual Enroll