Cisco Troubleshooting and Operations Bootcamp for ACI 1.0

Cisco Training Bootcamps are 9-day intensive training programs, delivered over 8 weeks for groups of up to 12 learners, that will help you optimize your network. This course is based on experience with a wide range of production deployments. So you’ll gain real-world knowledge and skills to deploy and manage an ACI fabric and boost operational efficiencies in your own deployment.

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Course Days: 9

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How you’ll benefit

This course will help you:

  • Gain the skills and hands-on practice required for quicker application deployment
  • Quickly ramp up Cisco ACI® operational knowledge and skills and instill best practices honed through real-world production deployments

5-day ILT training

The Cisco ACI Operations and Troubleshooting Bootcamp 5-Day instructor-led training shows you how to deploy and manage the Cisco® Nexus® 9000 Series Switches in Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI®) mode. In the session you will learn about best practices and caveats. You’ll also get to practice troubleshooting common issues on a live fabric.

This session is based on experience with a wide range of production deployments. So, you’ll gain real-world knowledge and skills to deploy and manage an ACI fabric and boost operational efficiencies in your own deployment.


4-day deep-dive lab training

In the 4-Day instructor-led deep-dive lab session, you will configure a fully functional ACI environment from start to finish and engage in practical management and monitoring as well as troubleshooting exercises derived from actual cases from the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC).



Before taking this course, you should have the following knowledge and skills:

  • Understanding of networking protocols, routing, and switching
  • Familiarity with Cisco Ethernet switching products
  • Understanding of Cisco data center architecture
  • Familiarity with virtualization fundamentals
  • Understanding of basic network troubleshooting and basic programming


5-day ILT: Outline

Section 1: Introducing Cisco ACI Fabric Infrastructure and Basic Concepts

  • Lab: Validate Fabric Discovery
  • Lab: Configure Network Time Protocol (NTP)
  • Lab: Create Access Policies and Virtual Port Channel (vPC)

Section 2: Describing Cisco ACI Policy Model Logical Constructs

  • Lab: Enable Layer 2 Connectivity in the Same Endpoint Group (EPG)
  • Lab: Enable Inter-EPG Layer 2 Connectivity

Section 3: Describing Cisco ACI Basic Packet Forwarding

  • Lab: Enable Inter-EPG Layer 3 Connectivity
  • Lab: Compare Traffic Forwarding Methods in a Bridge Domain

Section 4: Introducing External Network Connectivity

  • Lab: Configure External Layer 2 (L2Out) Connection
  • Lab: Configure External Layer 3 (L3Out) Connection

Section 5: Describing Cisco ACI Day-0 to Day-2 Operations

Section 6: Describing Cisco ACI Configuration Management

  • Lab: Configure SNMP and Perform Export/Import Operations

Section 7: Describing Cisco ACI Monitoring

  • Lab: Monitor Cisco ACI and Configure Syslog
  • Lab: Explore the Management Information Tree
  • Lab: Configure SPAN

Section 8: Cisco ACI Best Practices

4-day deep-dive lab: Outline

Day 1

Section 1: Building the Cisco ACI Fabric

  • Lab: Perform Initial Configuration and Fabric Discovery

Section 2: Performing Maintenance and Operations Activities

  • Lab: Create System Backup

Day 2

Section 3: Configuring Logical Constructs

  • Lab: Create Access Policies and vPC
  • Lab: Configure a Tenant and Related Policies

Section 4: Integrating External Resources

  • Lab: Configure L3Out
  • Lab: Integrate VMware

Day 3

Section 5: Configuring Shared Services and Service Graphs

  • Lab: Configure Shared Services
  • Lab: Integrate Cisco ACI with Cisco ASA

Section 6: Introducing Cisco ACI Multi-Site

  • Lab: Implement Cisco ACI Multi-Site

Day 4

Section 7: Troubleshooting Common ACI Issues

  • Lab: Replace a Failed Switch
  • Lab: Troubleshoot Link Failures

Section 8: Troubleshooting Case Studies

  • Lab: Troubleshooting Case Study 1
  • Lab: Troubleshooting Case Study 2
  • Lab: Troubleshooting Case Study 3

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