Cisco SD-WAN Account Manager (SDWANAM)

This one-day workshop discusses Cisco Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) which is an overlay architecture that overcomes the biggest drawbacks of traditional WAN. Participants will be able to explain how to position the Cisco SD-WAN solution and understand basic features. Find complete recommendations and details below.

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Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Describe why customers desire SD-WAN.
  • Explain the basic components of Cisco SD-WAN.
  • Describe use cases of SD-WAN.
  • Describe management features of Cisco SD-WAN.
  • Understand the business areas to leverage Cisco SD-WAN



The knowledge and skills that a learner should have before attending this course are as follows:

  • Familiarity with Wide Area Networks (WANs)


Module 1: SD-WAN Trends

  • Lesson 1: Why do we need a new WAN?
  • Lesson 2: Components of SD-WAN
  • Lesson 3: Benefits of SD-WAN

Module 2: Introduction to Cisco SD-WAN

  • Lesson 1: Cisco SD-WAN Overview
  • Lesson 2:  SD-WAN Basics
  • Lesson 3: Cisco SD-WAN Architecture
  • Lesson 4: Cisco SD-WAN components
  • Lesson 5: Control Plane
  • Lesson 6: Data Plane

Module 3:  Cisco SD-WAN Automation

  • Lesson 1: ZTP
  • Lesson 2: Policy Deployment
  • Lesson 3: Orchestration
  • Lesson 4: Application awareness

Module 4: Cisco SD-WAN Use Cases

  • Lesson 1: By Type of Deployment
  • Lesson 2: By Industry
  • Lesson 3: Designs

Module 5:  Cisco SD-WAN Products and Selling

  • Lesson 1: Hardware Components Today
  • Lesson 2: Virtual Components
  • Lesson 3: Future Integration with Cisco product line
  • Lesson 4: Meraki
  • Lesson 5: SD-WAN

Module 6: Cisco SD-WAN Competitive

  • Lesson 1:  How we are different
  • Lesson 2: What others lack


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