Build Chatbots! Chatbots and Conversational UI Development with Neural Networks

A conversation interface is the best way for machines to interact with customers. Chatbots and voice user interfaces are two flavors of conversational UIs. Chatbots are real-time, answer engines backed by data that respond in natural language, and are context-aware. Voice user interfaces can understand our voice and respond to customers using speech. This is a fast-paced, hands-on course that explores conversational UIs by leveraging APIs from multiple platforms. We'll take a project-based approach to understand how these UIs are built and the best use cases for deploying them. We'll start by building a messaging bot from the Facebook Messenger API to understand the basics of bot building. Then we'll design a Task model that can perform complex tasks such as ordering and planning events with the newly-acquired-by-Google Dialogflow and Microsoft Bot framework. We'll end with voice-enabled UIs that are capable of interacting with users using speech with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

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Join an engaging hands-on learning environment, where you’ll learn:

  • Understand the different use cases of Conversational UIs with this project-based guide
  • Build feature-rich Chatbots and deploy them on multiple platforms
  • Get real-world examples of voice-enabled UIs for personal and home assistance.
  • Cover advanced and state-of-the-art neural network architectures
  • Understand the theory and math behind neural networks
  • Train DNNs and apply them to modern deep learning problems
  • Use CNNs for object detection and image segmentation
  • Implement generative adversarial networks (GANs) and variational autoencoders to generate new images
  • Solve natural language processing (NLP) tasks, such as machine translation, using sequence-to-sequence models
  • Understand DL techniques, such as meta-learning and graph neural networks


UI Developers, Analysts, and professionals who intend to build chatbots and conversational UIs with tools such as Chatfuel, Dialogflow, Microsoft Bot Framework, Twilio, Alexa Skills, and Google Actions for channels like Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home.


Before attending this course, you should have:

  • Basic to intermediate IT skills
  • Basic coding syntax skills are helpful (attendees without a programming background like Python may view labs as follow along exercises or team with others to complete them)
  • Good foundational mathematics or logic skills
  • Basic Linux skills, including familiarity with command-line options such as ls, cd, cp, and su
  • Introduction to Python | Python Programming Basics
  • Introduction to Linux



  • Conversational user interfaces
  • Developer's toolkit
  • Benefits
  • Chatbots are here to stay

Tour Guide for Your City

  • Getting started
  • Building your first bot
  • Basic building blocks
  • Default blocks
  • Next steps
  • More cards
  • Navigation
  • Managing context
  • Understanding natural language
  • Backend processing
  • Broadcasting
  • Bot templates
  • Analytics

Let's Talk Weather

  • Conversational tasks
  • Conversational design
  • Backend tasks
  • Implementing the chatbot
  • Creating a chatbot web service
  • Publishing on Facebook Messenger
  • More Facebook message formats

Building a Persona Bot

  • Introducing Dialogflow

Let's Catch a Train

  • Exploring Transport API
  • Conversational design
  • Building a simple SMS bot
  • Building a two-way chatbot

Restaurant Search

  • MS Bot Framework
  • Building a bot
  • Getting started with Zomato
  • Restaurant search bot
  • Connecting to Skype

The News Bot

  • Getting started with the Twitter app
  • Building your first Twitter bot
  • Exploring the Twitter SDK
  • Exploring a news data service
  • Building a Twitter news bot
  • Building a personalized news bot

My TV Guide

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Warming up with a quotes bot
  • My TV guide
  • Built-in intents and slot types

My Man Friday

  • Todo List
  • Building an action

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