Advanced ThousandEyes Operations and Troubleshooting (ATEOTS)

This advanced course dives deeper into operations and troubleshooting of the ThousandEyes platform and introduces Cisco's FSO (Full Stack Observability) Solution.

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Next Date: 12/14/2023

Course Days: 2

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The primary audience for this course is as follows:

  • Systems Engineers
  • Technical Solutions Architects
  • Application Developers and Engineers



The knowledge and skills that a learner should have before attending this course are as follows:

  • Knowledge of cloud and (virtual) data center architecture and networking concepts
  • High-level familiarity with basic network protocols and applications
  • Familiarity with common application delivery methods

Module 1: SD-WAN Visibility and App Performance

  • Enriching SD-WAN Visibility with Cisco ThousandEyes
  • Using Underlay/Overlay Visualizations to Validate Performance and Isolate Issues
  • Monitoring Hybrid Workforce

Module 2:  Outage & Performance Analysis with ThousandEyes

  • Use Cases Summary and Examples
  • Determining the Correct Test Type and Configuration
  • Test Result Metrics Explained

Module 3: Working  with ThousandEyes API

  • API Introduction and Possibilities Overview
  • Working with Tests and Endpoints
  • Managing Dashboards and Reports
  • Administrative Endpoints

Module 4: Troubleshooting ThousandEyes Components

  • Missing or Incorrect Path Visualization Information
  • HTTP Server Test Errors
  • Endpoint Agent Issues  
  • Firewall Considerations
  • CLI Network Troubleshooting Utilities
  • Device Layer and Agent Clustering

Module 5: ThousandEyes + AppDynamics

  • Why ThousandEyes + AppDynamics?
  • Full Stack Observability Introduction
  • Integration and Alerting

Lab Outline:

Labs are designed to assure learners a whole practical experience, through the following practical activities:

Discovery Lab 1:  Monitoring Cisco SD-WAN  with Thousand Eyes

  • Task 1: Verify Initial Network Reachability
  • Task 2: Monitor Private Cloud-Based Application Experience in AWS

Discovery Lab 2:  Monitoring Cisco SD-WAN with ThousandEyes Advanced Use Cases (Umbrella SIG)

  • Task 1: Configure and Verify Cisco Umbrella SIG Integration
  • Task 2: Adapt and Check Existing Testings to Work with Umbrella SIG and Overlay/Underlay Monitoring

Discovery Lab 3: Working with ThousandEyes API

  • Task 1: Basic API Using CURL Queries
  • Task 2: Working with Tests
  • Task 3: Working with Agents
  • Task 4: Getting Other API Data  

Discovery Lab 4: Troubleshooting ThousandEyes Components    

  • Task 1: Installing Missing CA Certificates on Enterprise Agents    
  • Task 2: Maintaining Enterprise Agents   
  • Task 3: Resetting a Linux Package Agent
  • Task 4: Troubleshooting Automatic-Update Problems on Enterprise Agents          
  • Task 5: CLI Network Troubleshooting Utilities 
Course Dates Course Times (EST) Delivery Mode GTR
12/14/2023 - 12/15/2023 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Virtual Enroll