Administering Cisco Unified Communications Workspace Part 1 (v12.5): Basic Administration for Multisite Deployments (ACUCW1)

This latter course is an advanced administrative course focused on infrastructure deployment. The pre-configured environment used as the starting point for ACUCW1 is created from scratch in the ACUCW2 course. These two courses together provide coverage of both multi-site deployment and administration.

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What You’ll Learn in Class

  • Understand basic CUCM architecture and terminology
  • How the CUCM administrative and user GUIs work
  • Get organized with Device Pools and other common elements of phone configuration
  • Understand Internal dialing in a multi-site/multi-cluster deployment
  • Manage Directory Numbers and DIDs in a multi-site/multi-cluster deployment, track assigned/unassigned and temporarily
  • reserved DIDs and quickly find available DIDs at any site when adding new Users
  • Work with shared lines and phantom numbers
  • Add and delete phones manually, using auto registration and using the BAT tool
  • Speed up Moves/Adds and Changes at each site with LDAP and templates
  • Build and use site specific templates
  • Make the most out of the BAT tool to make moves, adds, changes and deletes quicker and easier to manage
  • Manage Meet me number ranges and Conference Now conferencing in a multi-site environment
  • Add users, assign them capabilities, and associate them with phones
  • Configure phones for Class of Service using the line/device approach
  • Configure phones for voice mail
  • Configure Cisco Unity Connection users
  • Deploy and use the Cisco Jabber Client in Phone Only and Full UC modes



This is an introductory course. Familiarity with relevant technologies is recommended but not required.


  • Administrators who need to perform MACDs (Moves, Adds, Changes and Deletes).
  • Administrators, engineers, network architects, and integrators with overall responsibility for Cisco UC networks and needing a better understanding of multisite administration in North America.


This course can be purchased with Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs).


Module 1: Introduction to Cisco Unified Communications

  • Understanding Components of Cisco Unified Communications Solutions
  • Understanding the Characteristics of Cisco Unified Communications Solutions

Module 2: Understanding User Interfaces

  • Understanding Administrator Interfaces
  • Understanding End-User Interfaces

Module 3: End User Configuration

  • Understanding End-User Characteristics
  • Understanding End-User Implementation

Module 4: Endpoint Configuration and Native Presence

  • Understanding Endpoint Characteristics
  • Understanding Endpoint Implementation
  • Configuring Native Unified Communications Manager Native Presence

Module 5: Understanding Cisco Unified Communications Manager Dial Plans

  • Understanding Call Flows and Call Legs
  • Describing Dial Plan Components
  • Endpoint Addressing and Call Routing Overview
  • Implementing Class of Service
  • Call Coverage

Module 6: Audio and Video Conferencing and Music on Hold

  • Describing Media Resources
  • Annunciators and MOH
  • Implementing Conference Bridges

Module 7: Cisco Unity Connection Users, Mailboxes and Basic Call Management

  • Understanding Cisco Unity Connection
  • Integrating Cisco Unity Connection with Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Configuring CUC Users, Templates and CoS
  • Configuring the Cisco Unity Connection System
  • Implementing Cisco Unity Connection Dial Plan and Call Management
  • Configuring Unified Messaging
  • Troubleshooting Cisco Unity Connection


  • Lab 1 - Remote Lab Access
  • Lab 2 - Exploring Cisco Collaboration Administrator Interfaces Enhanced
  • Lab 3 - Exploring Cisco Collaboration OS Administration
  • Lab 4 - Exploring Cisco Collaboration End User Interfaces Enhanced
  • Lab 5 - User Management - Manual Administration Enhanced
  • Lab 6 - User Management - Bulk Administration Tool Enhanced
  • Lab 7 - User Management - LDAP Integration Enhanced
  • Lab 8 - MACDs - Managing the SEA253 Site NEW
  • Lab 9 - Implementing Endpoints using BAT
  • Lab 10 - IMP and Jabber Clients NEW
  • Lab 11 - Basic Cisco IP Phone Configuration: Basic Features
  • Lab 12 - MACDs - Managing the NYC516 Site OPTIONAL BONUS Lab NEW
  • Lab 13 - Exploring Call Flows in CUCM Enhanced
  • Lab 14 – Forwarding, Call-Park and Call-Pickup Enhanced
  • Lab 15 - Call Hunting Enhanced
  • Lab 16 - Music on Hold and Software Conference Resources Enhanced
  • Lab 17- More Telephony Features OPTIONAL BONUS Lab
  • Lab 18 - Users and Mailboxes Enhanced
  • Lab 19 – Call Handling at the SEA253 Site New


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