UCS-X Intersight Deployment

The Cisco UCS X-Series with Intersight Deployment course will enable Cisco customers, internal and Partner SEs/FEs to deploy the UCS X9508 chassis, X210c compute nodes, 6400 Series Fabric Interconnects, and options. Participants will also learn how to prepare the UCS X-Series hardware components for discovery by Intersight Managed Mode (IMM). The course also includes information on how the UCS solution architecture has evolved to the X-Series and how to manage solution components with Intersight.

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Course Days: 2

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Course Objectives:

After taking this course, you should be able to:

  • Articulate the solution level architecture of the UCS X-Series solution, and the role of IMM and the key differentiators of the X-Series solution from previous UCS architecture 
  • Identify the function of each hardware component in the UCS X-Series solution and the communication and traffic flow between components.
  • Enumerate the key requirements to successfully deploy a UCS-X solution with Intersight. 
  • Identify the key features Cisco Intersight as they are accessed to manage a UCS X-Series deployment.

Target Audience:

Cisco customers, internal and Partner SEs/FEs looking to deploy the UCS X9508 chassis, X210c compute nodes, and 6400 Series Fabric Interconnects.


To fully benefit from this course, you should have the following knowledge and skills:

  • Basic understanding of UCS

Course Outline:

Module 1: Cisco UCS X-Series Solution Architecture

  • Cisco UCS 1.0 Cloud and Compute Foundations
  • Introducing Cisco UCS X-Series with Intersight
  • Managing Cisco UCS 2.0 with Cisco Intersight 

Module 2: Cisco UCS X-Series Hardware Components & Traffic Flow

  • Hardware Component Overview
  • Cisco UCS X9508 System Chassis 
  • Fabric Components
  • Compute Options
  • Storage Options 
  • Networking & Data Flow
  • Power/Cooling Efficiency

Module 3: Cisco UCS X-Series and Intersight Installation Considerations

  • Deployment Model Options
  • Installation Considerations
  • Installing and Removing Components

Module 4: Cisco UCS X-Series Management through Intersight

  • Intersight Overview
  • Intersight Licensing
  • Accessing the Intersight Dashboard
  • Dashboard Navigation
  • Inventory Views
  • Configuration of Intersight vs. UCSM/UCSC
  • Domain Claiming
  • Domain and Server Policies/Profiles
  • Submitting Feedback

Module 5: X-Fabric and 5th Generation Network Updates

  • Introduction
  • X-Fabric
  • X440p PCIe Node
  • GPU Front Mezz
  • 5th Generation Fabric


  • Claiming the UCS Domain
  • Intersight Dashboard Overview
  • Add and Remove a Dashboard Widget
  • Activate Trial Essentials License
  • Domain Policy Creation 
  • Domain Profile Deployment
  • Updating Firmware
  • Creating Server Pools
  • Server Policy Creation
  • Server Profile Deployment
  • Server Profile Template Deployment
  • Virtual Media Using OS Links
  • Installing VMware ESXi
  • Accessing the KVM and Installing an Operating System
  • Submitting Feedback and Further Information

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