PMP® Exam Prep Training (PMP31)

This workshop has a primary and a secondary goal. The primary goal is to prepare participants to successfully complete the examination required for earning the Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification. For those who attend the entire workshop, it meets the requirements for the 35 hours of contact education required for registering for the PMP® exam

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Course Days: 5

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Course Abstract: 

Some participants may use this workshop as the beginning of their preparation and may plan to take the examination at some distant point in the future. Others will use this workshop as a capstone experience and take the examination soon after the workshop. (Some training providers have an audit policy that may allow you to do both.)

The secondary goal of this workshop is to give participants a rapid, in-depth exposure to the project management processes defined by the PMBOK® Guide. The workshop has been designed to work either way.

This workshop principally focuses on the materials included in the PMBOK® Guide, Fifth Edition, which is the principal source of questions on the PMP® exam. It also includes materials from “other authoritative sources” of project management literature, which are also tested on the exam.

Because this workshop is intended to prepare you to successfully take the exam, the flow of the course is directed toward that end. At the close of every module, but the first two, there will be a quiz that tests your retention of the materials in the module. Those quiz questions are not as difficult as PMP® exam questions. On the last day of class, a 100-question practice exam will be administered to test your readiness to take the exam. Those questions are similar in difficulty to PMP® exam questions. You are not required to share your results on either the quizzes or the Friday sample exam or achieve a particular score in order to get “credit” for this workshop. The test and the quizzes are there to help you learn, assess your progress, and focus additional study efforts.

Because adults learn best by doing, this workshop will employ a case study that we’ll refer to and work with throughout the course. It’s entertaining and, by the time we’re through, we’ll have developed an extensive project plan for it and applied many of the tools we’ll learn to it.
The instructors for this workshop are PMPs with years of experience in project management and in preparing students to take the PMP® exam. Please engage with them, ask questions, and share your concerns with them. They are here to help you become a PMP®.
It should be noted that this version of the PMBOK® Guide is far more focused on meeting and managing customer requirements, making tough project tradeoffs, operating in an “open systems” model, and tailoring the method to the project than earlier versions. As a result, exam questions and appropriate responses to exam questions may change considerably from prior exams.


Target Audience:

The target student for this workshop is a project manager beginning to prepare for the PMP® certification exam or one who wants a capstone for preparation.


  1. Project Management Concepts
  2. Equivalent project management experience 


The Goals of this Workshop

The goals of this workshop are to:

  • Prepare participants to successfully take the PMP® exam
  • Introduce participants to the methods and tools of project management contained within the PMBOK® Guide, 5th Edition
  • Provide students with ample opportunities to assess their readiness for the exam with module quizzes and a sample exam Course

Course Outline:

Day 1

Unit 1 - Introduction

  • Agenda

Unit 2 – Project Management Professional Certification

  • Certification Requirements
  • Description of the PMP Exam 

Unit 3 – Project Management Framework

  • Background and Definition
  • Project Management and Organizational Structure
  • Projects and Operations
  • Project Phases and Life Cycles
  • Unit 3 Quiz – Project Management Framework

Unit 4 – Project Management Process Groups and Knowledge Areas

  • Process Groups
  • Knowledge Areas
  • Triple Constraint
  • Processes by Process Group
  • Unit 4 Quiz – Project Management Process Groups and Knowledge Areas

Unit 5 – Project Integration Management

  • Project Integration Management Processes
  • Process 4.1 – Develop Project Charter
  • Process 4.2 – Develop Project Management Plan
  • Process 4.3 – Direct and Manage Project Work
  • Process 4.4 – Monitor and Control Project Work
  • Process 4.5 – Perform Integrated Change Control
  • Process 4.6 – Close Project or Phase
  • Unit 5 Quiz – Project Integration Management 


Day 2

Unit 6 – Project Scope Management

  • Background
  • Triple Constraint
  • Managing Project Risk
  • Progressive Elaboration and Rolling Wave
  • Planning
  • Management Plans
  • Project Scope Management Processes
  • Process 5.1 – Plan Scope Management
  • Process 5.2 – Collect Requirement
  • Process 5.3 – Define Scope
  • Process 5.4 – Create Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Process 5.5 – Validate Scope
  • Process 5.6 – Control Scope
  • Unit 6 Quiz – Project Scope Management 

Unit 7 – Project Time Management

  • Project Time Management Processes
  • Process 6.1 – Plan Schedule Management
  • Process 6.2 – Define Activities
  • Process 6.3 – Sequence Activities
  • Process 6.4 – Estimate Activity Resources
  • Process 6.5 – Estimate Activity Durations
  • Process 6.6 – Develop Schedule
  • Process 6.7 – Control Schedule
  • Unit 7 Quiz – Project Time Management 

Day 3

Unit 8 – Project Cost Management

  • Background
  • Project Cost Management Processes
  • Process 7.1 – Plan Cost Management
  • Process 7.2 – Estimate Costs
  • Process 7.3 – Determine Budget
  • Process 7.4 – Control Costs Earned Value Management
  • Unit 8 Quiz – Project Cost Management 

Unit 9 Project Quality Management

  • Background
  • Project Quality Management Processes
  • Process 8.1 – Plan Quality Management
  • Process 8.2 – Perform Quality Assurance
  • Process 8.3 – Control Quality
  • Unit 9 Quiz – Project Quality Management 

Unit 10 Project Human Resource Management

  • Background
  • Project Human Resource Management Processes
  • Process 9.1 – Plan Human Resource Management
  • Process 9.2 – Acquire Project Team
  • Process 9.3 – Develop Project Team
  • Process 9.4 – Manage Project Team
  • Unit 10 Quiz – Project Human Resource Management 


Day 4

Unit 11 – Project Communications Management

  • Background
  • Project Communications Management Processes
  • Process 10.1 – Plan Communications Management
  • Process 10.2 Manage Communications
  • Process 10.3 Control Communications
  • Unit 11 Quiz – Project Communications 

Unit 12 – Project Risk Management

  • Background
  • Project Risk Management Processes
  • Process 11.1 – Plan Risk Management
  • Process 11.2 – Identify Risks
  • Process 11.3 – Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  • Process 11.4 – Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Process 11.5 – Plan Risk Responses
  • Process 11.6 – Control Risks 
  • Unit 12 Quiz – Project Risk Management

Unit 13 – Project Procurement Management

  • Background
  • Project Procurement Processes
  • Process 12.1 – Plan Procurement Management
  • Process 12.2 – Conduct Procurements
  • Process 12.3 – Control Procurements
  • Process 12.4 – Close Procurements
  • Unit 13 Quiz – Project Procurement


Day 5

Unit 14 – Project Stakeholder Management

  • Project Stakeholder Management Processes
  • Process 13.1 – Identify Stakeholders
  • Process 13.2 – Plan Stakeholder Management
  • Process 13.3 – Manage Stakeholder Engagement
  • Process 13.4 – Control Stakeholder Engagement
  • Unit 14 Quiz – Project Stakeholder Management


Practice Exam 

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