Microsoft SharePoint: End User, Power User, and Site Owner (SPO-101)

This course takes a comprehensive look at the capabilities and features of SharePoint Online that an End User, Power User, Site Owner, Site Collections Administrator will use most frequently. Best practices and Governance discussed in each module. As well as exploring Office 365.

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Course Days: 4

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End Users, Power Users, Site Owners, Site Collections Administrators, Project Managers, Department Managers, Trainers, IT Professionals, Executive-level Management considering implementing SharePoint Online and Companies transitioning from SharePoint 2010, 2013, and 2016 on-premise; to SharePoint Online.?


To ensure your success, we recommend that you have: 

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office? 
  • Experience with accessing information via a web browser? 
  • Currently using a SharePoint environment is recommended but not required.

SharePoint Outline

  • What is SharePoint??
  • Understand Site collections?
  • Navigation in SharePoint
  • Power of Search
  • What is an Office 365 App??
  • Office App verses Office Client??
  • Understand Permissions??
  • Governance Plan

Create, Populate and Manage SharePoint Site Apps??

  • All Site Content
  • Create, Modify, and Delete?Apps
  • Quick Edit
  • SharePoint Site Apps versus Office Client??
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • App Settings
  • Save Apps as Templates?
  • Create, Modify, and Delete Alerts
  • Understand Sync

Customize SharePoint Apps to Fit Your Needs??

  • Create Custom Site Columns??
  • Customize and Control App Metadata??
  • Create and Apply Custom Views?
  • Utilize Dynamic Views?
  • Create Custom Content Types

Web Pages?

  • Design Web Pages??
  • Add and Modify Web Parts
  • Create, change, and manage multiple Home Page?


  • Understand different SharePoint Sites
  • Create Sites
  • Change the Look
  • Customize Navigation
  • Site Hierarchy
  • Understand Hub Sites
  • Understand the Recycle Bin


  • Understand Permission?& Best Practices?
  • Group and User Permissions
  • Create a New Group with Custom Permissions??
  • Inheritance and when to Break?


  • Deploy Templates
  • Manage Settings

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