Managing Wireless Networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure v3.0 (MWNPI)

The Managing Wireless Networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure (MWNPI) is based on the best portions of the Managing Enterprise Networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure (MENPI) course and content from CCNP Wireless courseware to focus on using Cisco Prime Infrastructure to manage Cisco wireless networks. You will learn to manage the wireless with Cisco Prime Infrastructure Inventory and Configuration menus. The course explains using the Map tools to create and use maps to monitor and troubleshoot the wireless network.

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Using the Administration menus, you will manage user access to tasks, functions, and devices in Cisco Prime Infrastructure. Explore the use of Cisco AVC, QoS, Cisco TrustSec identity services on the controller and how to implement them using Cisco Prime Infrastructure. The course will demonstrate implementing the guest access feature set and controller-based features such as Bonjour Services and Application Visibility & Control using Cisco Prime Infrastructure. Students will explore techniques for monitoring and troubleshooting your network with various Cisco Prime Infrastructure tools and reports.

Lab 1: Access Cisco Prime Infrastructure
Lab 2: Initial Server Configuration
Lab 3: Populate the Network Inventory
Lab 4: Manage the Network Inventory
Lab 5: Manage Groups
Lab 6: Manage Wireless Maps
Lab 7: Configuring Location Services
Lab 8: Manage Network Topology Maps
Lab 9: Create a Virtual Domain and Add a User
Lab 10: Enable AAA Remote Access
Lab 11: Manage the Configuration Archive
Lab 12: Manage Wired Device Templates
Lab 13: Manage Wireless Device Configuration
Lab 14: Configuring Local Guest Access via Cisco Prime Infrastructure
Lab 15: Configuring Guest Access with an Anchor Controller
Lab 16: Enabling Application Visibility and the 2504 Control
Lab 17: Enabling Client Profiling on the 2504 Controller
Lab 18: Monitor Devices and Interfaces
Lab 19: Using Location Services
Lab 20: Configuring wIPS
Lab 21: Track Clients, Users, and Applications
Lab 22: Integrate the ISE with Prime Infrastructure
Lab 23: Generate Reports


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