Cisco Catalyst Wireless Enablement C9800/Wifi6 (CWEWIFI6)

In this 2-day workshop we will cover the Catalyst 9100 access point portfolio, benefits of Wi-Fi 6 and how cisco has gone above & beyond the standard to drive digital transformation. We will also cover the 9800-controller available in various form factors - as an appliance, cloud and embedded controller on switch powered by IOS XE. You will learn how to get a Wireless network up and running with the C9800 controller, from Day 0 provisioning, high availability, patching, programmability, telemetry to simplified configuration, migration and integration with DNA Center. We will talk about solution selling with what's new in Cisco DNA Center Automation, Assurance and SDA and how the wireless infrastructure, along with sensors & Network AI Analytics help power up assurance. You will also learn how Cisco can help deliver line of business outcomes with Cisco DNA Spaces our powerful location-based analytics platform.

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Course Days: 2

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  • Networking fundamentals
  • Wireless fundamentals
  • Routing and switching fundamentals
  • Troubleshooting fundamentals
  • AAA/ISE fundamentals
  • Experience with Cisco IOS and IOS XE
  • Experience with Cisco configurations, Cisco IOS images and licenses


Who Should Attend-

  • Experienced network engineers
  • Engineering teams responsible for a migration from “old school wireless” to "802.11ax and Wi-Fi 6"


Introducing WiFi6

  • Standard
  • Architecture
  • SKUs

Catalyst WiFi6 exploration

  • Wifi6
  • 5G

AP Portfolio

  • WiFi6
  • Wave 2
  • Indoor/outdoor

Catalyst 9800 Wireless Controller

  • Architecture
  • Form Factors

Catalyst 9800 Technology Differentiators

  • Always On
  • Secure
  • Deploy anywhere

Catalyst 9800 for SD Access

  • EWC on an AP
  • VLANs
  • SVIs
  • Trunk
  • R&S


  • New Configuration Model
  • Security

AP Migration Scenarios

IOS XE Migration Scenarios

C9800 Troubleshooting

  • AP Packet Capture
  • Perform a Radioactive Trace via GUI

Overview of Cisco DNA

  • Cisco DNA Center Assurance
  • Cisco AI Network Analytics

Cisco DNA Spaces

C9800, AP and DNA Licensing [/list]

Course Labs:

  • Lab – Cisco Catalyst Mobility Innovations Lab
    • CLI and GUI lab setup
    • Configure NTP via GUI
    • Configure RRM/RF Profiles
  • Lab – Configure Catalyst Wireless Controller: New Config Model
  • Lab – Fuller Advanced Wizards WLAN Configuration
  • Lab – Configure AP Policy (using local AP Authorization List) via GUI
  • Lab – Configure CWA using ISE for Local and then FlexConnect
  • Lab – Applying AVC on WLAN Profile
  • Lab – Configure FlexConnect – Central Authentication/Local Switching
  • Lab – Create a Local Read-Only account for an Auditor
  • Lab – Configure TACACS+ Authentication with ISE
  • Lab – Configure Backup and Restore
  • Lab – Deploy Catalyst 9800CL as VM
    • ISSU
    • Hot Patching
    • Cold Patching
    • SSO
    • HA
    • Programmability
  • Lab – High Availabilty (HA SSO)
  • Lab – 16.12 to 17.1 Upgrade (HA SSO)
  • Lab – 16.12 to 17.1 Upgrade
  • Lab – AireOS Configuration Translator
  • Lab (Optional) Inter-Release Controller Mobility (IRCM) Migration
  • Lab – NBAR Installation and Upgrade via GUI
  • Lab – DNA Assurance D-Cloud

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