Adopting the Cisco Business Architecture Approach (DTBAA)

As businesses undertake a digital transformation, working towards a journey to deliver on the promises of the digital business roadmap, it is incumbent upon the technology partners to suitably deliver value above and beyond the technology components. This journey from the Cisco side began in 2013 with the launch of the business outcomes sales approach, and is now evolving into a Business Architecture lead process, expanding the scope, and increasing the role of the Cisco Business Architect in the process.

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About this Course

The Adopting the Cisco Business Architecture Approach (DTBAA) v1.2 is a 1-day, instructor led training that is the beginning of the journey to become a Cisco Business Architect. Even if your intent is not to complete the journey, the DTBAA curriculum and the corresponding exam will help you understand the role of the Cisco Business Architect, and the team responsibilities, the concepts of the four pillars of Business Architecture (Business Acumen, Enterprise Architecture, consultative skills, and entrepreneurship). Regardless of the end goal, the DTBAA program is an outstanding level setting in the age of Digital Transformation.

This one-day course provides a broad survey of the concepts related to and expected for the business component of the Cisco Business Architect role. Intended as an introduction, the program will sample a wide range of topics that prepares an individual to participate in a Cisco Business Architecture lead process, or to begin the journey to the role of Cisco Business Architect.



The knowledge and skills that a learner should have before attending this course are as follows:

  • Some familiarity with the IT and general technology sales process
  • A deep understanding of at least one of the technology tracks (e.g., Routing and Switching, Collaboration, Wireless, etc.). More than one is very helpful

Course Outline

Module 1: Course Overview       

  • Cisco Business Architecture: Curriculum Path    

Module 2: Business Architecture Journey    

  • Business Architecture 
  • Benefits of a Business Architecture Approach    
  • Cisco Business Architect      
  • Roles in Business Architecture       
  • Adopting an Entrepreneurial Spirit 
  • Business Architecture Skills and Capabilities      
  • Customer Journey      
  • Cisco Business Architecture Methodology
  • Business Roadmap     
  • Business Architecture Maturity Levels      

Module 3: Understanding the Business Environment       

  • Business Priorities to Business Outcomes
  • Business Strategy      
  • Business Priorities      
  • Business Requirements        
  • Business Capabilities  
  • Business Solutions     
  • Business Outcomes   
  • Business Capability Gap Analysis   
  • Business Model Canvas (BMC)       
  • Business Innovation and Disruption         
  • Internal and External Influencers   
  • Creating and Capturing Business Value

Module 4: Enterprise Architectures, Frameworks, and Standards        

  • Relevance of Enterprise Architectures      
  • The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®)    
  • Zachman Framework™         
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®)  
  • Quality Assurance Methodology: ISO 9001       

Module 5: Understanding the Customer Audience  

  • Personas and Data Points    
  • Business Leader “Care-Abouts”      
  • Views and Viewpoints
  • Leadership and Management Styles         
  • Decision-Making Styles        
  • Audience Types         
  • Target Audience Categories 
  • Customer Relationship Management        
  • Customer Relationship Management Lifecycle   

Module 6: Financial Acumen      

  • Return on Investment (ROI) 
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)      
  • TCO and ROI Considerations
  • Capital and Operational Expenditures      
  • Net Present Value (NPV)       
  • Hurdle Rates   
  • Direct and Indirect Financial Benefits       
  • Consumption Models and Financial Considerations     

Module 7: Next Steps in Business Architecture       

  • Business Architecture Journey       
  • Revisiting Skills and Capabilities    
  • Cisco Business Architecture Curriculum  

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