Motivating IT Teams

Business and Project Management Professionals | All

Course Objective

You will apply strategies to motivate IT teams.

Target Student

This course is intended for new IT managers or other IT managers who do not have prior team management responsibility.


General team leadership skills and basic communication skills are required.

  • Leading Effective Teams (Second Edition) is recommended.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • identify and assess employee motivation levels and needs.
  • identify some methods they can use to create a motivating environment.
  • apply strategies to help motivate employees.
  • apply strategies that create self-motivated employees.
  • apply strategies to motivate virtual, multigenerational, and multicultural teams.

Lesson 1: Understanding Motivation

Topic 1A: Recognize the Importance of Motivation Topic 1B: Identify Types of Motivational Needs Topic 1C: Assess Employee Motivation  

Lesson 2: Building a Motivating Environment

Topic 2A: Establish a Positive Environment Topic 2B: Consider Motivational Techniques Topic 2C: Identify Barriers to Motivation  

Lesson 3: Motivating Employees

Topic 3A: Retain Good Employees Topic 3B: Set Clear Expectations Topic 3C: Communicate Effectively Topic 3D: Clarify Expectations Topic 3E: Provide Effective Feedback Topic 3F: Choose Rewards  

Lesson 4: Encouraging Self-Motivation in Employees

Topic 4A: Encourage Self-Motivation Topic 4B: Create a Bond with the Organization Topic 4C: Provide Professional Growth Opportunities Topic 4D: Build a Sense of Accomplishment Topic 4E: Encourage Enthusiasm  

Lesson 5: Motivating Diverse Teams

Topic 5A: Motivate Virtual Teams Topic 5B: Motivate Multigenerational Teams Topic 5C: Motivate Multicultural Teams

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