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About Tandem Solution

Tandem Solution is highly regarded for our comprehensive and superior training solutions. Whether it’s customizing training for client projects or offering hundreds of Guaranteed to Run classes, we help you succeed. We always utilize the most qualified and certified instructors. We are honored to serve a distinguished list of clients because of how we provide training, the quality of instruction, the myriad of technologies that we offer, the money that we save clients, and the overall value that we bring as a training partner. Experience our most valued training services and see why our customers prefer Tandem Solution to train their greatest resource… their employees. Tandem Solution, LLC formed in 2004 in direct response to the need for an urgent change of paradigm in professional development training for Kentucky businesses. The entrepreneurial Tandem Solution owners Todd Frantz, Ty Dayoc, and John Ecken hold over 50 years of collective experience in the informational technology and professional development training industry. They founded Tandem Solution on the basis that superior performance results would come from customized, project-specific training, which could be delivered at the customer’s location using their existing infrastructure or a simulation of their environment.This highly cost-effective and revolutionary training model has produced significant productivity results for many regional businesses. We are a back to back Louisville Fast 50 Company. Contact Us today to learn more about how we can help improve your business and employees.