Lean Six Sigma: White Belt Certification Workshop

A Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification you will help your organization become more innovative and competitive, which in turn allows them to become sustainable. Lean is about creating the most value for the customer while minimizing resources, time, energy and effort. A lean approach to work is about understanding what is really going on at the place where value is created, Gemba, while improving the processes by which products and services are created. A White Belt Certification gives you the skills to not only identify the waste that is affecting your organization but which you should work on first. This one-day course is loaded with practical real-world tools and techniques. From the nation’s largest Agile development trainer comes a certification program to get you started on the road to implementing Lean and Six Sigma in your organization. You will leave this course with the knowledge and tools to select what is right for your own organization.

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Driving Long Term Change

Included in this course will be the training and use of Six Sigma Problem Solving tools. In an exercise, the class will record variation data from a process. By using Six Sigma Problem Solving tools the White Belt candidates will find the source of the variation, work to limit or eliminate it then repeat the process to measure the improvement. By hands on use the practical tools of 5 Why and Fishbone Diagrams the candidates will learn to tackle real-world issues.



Although it is not mandatory, students who have completed the self-paced Foundations of Agile eLearning course have found it very helpful when completing this course.



Part 1 – Gemba, Where the Value is Created.

  • What is Lean and Six Sigma?
  • Brief History
  • The Eight Wastes
  • Value Added vs Non Value Added Work
  • Kaizen

Exercise: The 5S GameSix Sigma White Belt Course


Part 2 – The Lean Tool Box

  • Standard Work
  • Time Studies
  • Spaghetti diagrams
  • 5S and the Visual Workplace
  • The Value of Kanban

Exercise: The Lego Factory


Part 3 – The Six Sigma Tool Box

  • Six Sigma Problem Solving
  • Pareto Charting
  • Process Maps vs Crime Scene Maps
  • Cause & Effect (Fishbone) Diagrams
  • 5 Why
  • Brainstorming with a team
  • Roll Out of Hoshin Kanri and Metrics


Exercise: Six Sigma Variance Catapults (Using 5Why and Fishbone Tools)

Discussion: Analysis of the Coffee Shop Customer Complaints


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