Azure for System Administrators

System administrators and DevOps engineers moving to the cloud

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The training course focuses on the workflow and common activities associated with being a System Administrator responsible for managing an Azure cloud.


Students will dive into configuration, maintenance and monitoring of Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks. The course then transitions to explore the Security and Scaling of Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Learn a robust strategy to manage Azure
  • Configure and maintain Azure Virtual Machines & VPN
  • Understand how to secure and scale Azure

  1. Introduction to Azure Virtual Machines
    • Overview of Azure Virtual Machines and its Architecture
    • Relationship of Azure Cloud Services to Virtual Machines
    • Classic vs Resource Managed Virtual Machines
    • Azure Management Console for Basic VM Administration and Operations
    • Create and Configure Windows Server Virtual Machines.
  2. Azure Virtual Machine Operations
    • Virtual Machine (Windows Server) Operations
      • Start
      • Stop
      • Connecting via RDP
      • Working with PowerShell
      • Adding Storage and DB
    • Linux Virtual Machines and Operations
  3. Managing and Monitoring Azure Virtual Machines
    • Configuring & Monitoring Cloud Services
    • Metrics overview
    • Various tools for Monitoring Cloud Services and VMs
    • Configuring for High Availability
    • Redundancy and Disaster Recovery
  4. Azure Virtual Networks
    • Overview
    • Common Virtual Network Models
    • Deploying Resources within Virtual Networks
    • Configuring and Hardening Virtual Networks

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