Azure for DevOps Engineers

Developers and DevOps engineers looking to automate their IT workflows and processes in the Azure Cloud

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This course dives into Azure Portals, its core functionality and types of compute resources. It then moves in a DevOps specific focus exploring configuration management and deployment.


Learn to deploy, configure and manage Azure using Chef.

  1. Introduction to Cloud Operations
    • Introduction to Cloud Operations
    • Azure high level overview
    • Azure Platform: Key Components
    • Azure Portal
      • Overview
      • Launch Websites
      • Launch Cloud Services
      • Launch Virtual Machines
      • Classic vs Resource Manager
    • Azure Local Environment Setup
  2. DevOps Fundamentals with Chef and Knife
    • Fundamentals of DevOps for Developers
    • Building Blocks of DevOps
    • Metrics and Measurement: DevOps point of view
    • Process and Technology for DevOps
    • Chef and Knife:
      • Fundamentals and Operations
      • Chef Solo
    • Azure DevOps – Deep Dive
  3. Advanced DevOps with Hosted Chef
    • Chef and Knife: Overview
    • Chef and Knife on Azure
    • Other Azure and 3rd Party Tools and Resources for DevOps
  4. Security, Trust and QOS Frameworks
    • Fundamentals of Azure Cloud Security
    • Fundamentals of Azure Virtual Networks and VPN SSL, RDP and FTP Configuration on Azure

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