ABAP Programming for SAP HANA (HA400)

In this course, you learn how you can use SAP HANA and new features in the ABAP programming language to optimize existing ABAP code and to develop innovative ABAP applications to enhance your business.

Accessing SAP Data using SAP Work Manager 6.2 (MOB310)

This course is an intensive development and configuration course designed to enable development consultants to implement a typical SAP Work Manager 6.2 to access SAP data to meet the needs of mobile applications build on the SAP Agentry component of SAP Mobile Platform 3.0. This course delivers a sophisticated skill set for developers currently comfortable with SAP Mobile Platform metadata driven apps paradigm, concepts, development tools, and Server configurations, as well as ABAP programming. This course builds on the knowledge gained from the MOB300 course, which is a prerequisite to this course. If participants are not conversant in ABAP programming, it is essential that they also attend both BC400 and BC401 to understand and deliver an end-to-end solution.

Advanced SAP Authorizations

This course has been designed for authorization and user administrators, as well as project team members who want to broaden their understanding of authorizations within SAP. The goal is to acquire expert knowledge in authorization administration and to get up-to-date with latest developments of the authorization environment.

Application Development for SAP HANA (HA450)

In this course you will learn how to development software applications running on the SAP HANA Platform.

BusinessObjects Data Integrator 4.0: Core Concepts for Andrews Consulting Rapid Decisions Users

RapidDecision users will learn how to administer and operate SAP Business Objects Data Integrator in a production RapidDecision CDC environment. Content will include creating, executing, and troubleshooting batch jobs, using functions, scripts and transforms to change the structure and formatting of data, handling errors, setting up a replication schema, capturing changes in replicated data, and an overview of the RapidDecision batch job stream methodology.

BusinessObjects Data Quality Services 4.0

Participants will gain the knowledge to create efficient data quality projects as part of an overall data integration process. The knowledge you will acquire will help you to cleanse address and company data and match and cleanse data records

BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.x: Administering Servers - Windows

This three-day instructor-led course explains and demonstrates what each server component in BusinessObjects Enterprise does and how it is configured. You will install and configure each component and learn how information flows from server to server for system processes such as logging on to the system, scheduling reports, and viewing reports. You will learn to use the Central Management Console (CMC) and the Central Configuration Manager (CCM) to manage and configure the servers and will also practice troubleshooting system problems when they arise.

BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.x: Administration & Security

This two-day instructor-led course explains how to perform the tasks in the Central Management Console (CMC). These tasks involve supporting BusinessObjects Enterprise users and groups so they can access corporate data through the web portal in BusinessObjects Enterprise. This corporate data can take the form of Crystal Reports, BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, or Desktop Intelligence documents, Voyager workspaces, program objects, object packages, and popular third-party objects, such as Microsoft Word and Excel files, among others.

BusinessObjects Universe Design v3.x (BOU310)

This core three day instructor led course is designed to give you the comprehensive skills needed to design, build and maintain BusinessObjects 6.5, BusinessObjects XIR1/XIR2, and BusinessObjects XI 3.0 universes.

BusinessObjects Universe Design XI R2/R3: Advanced Universe Design (BOU320)

This two-day instructor-led advanced course is designed to give you the comprehensive skills and in-depth knowledge needed to design universes in BusinessObjects Universe Designer. The business benefit of this course is that you will learn best-practice methodology for creating universes that respond to your reporting requirements. Through well-designed universes, report designers and business users will be able to create reports without having to know anything about the underlying data source or structure.

BusinessObjects Web Intelligence XI 3.0: Report Design

This two-day instructor-led course is designed to give you the comprehensive skills and in-depth knowledge needed to access, analyze and share data using BusinessObjects InfoView and BusinessObjects Web Intelligence.

BW Query Design and Analysis (BW305)

This course will give you knowledge that you can use to create simple and complex query definitions using the BEx Query Designer and to make them available in standard layouts.

Cloud for SAP (CLD100)

This course is designed for everyone, who wants to get a basic information about the cloud solutions of SAP. It delivers a basic overview and prepares for all other cloud related courses. This course comes with hands on, designed to get a better understanding of the integration of cloud solutions to SAP solutions.

Database Administration (DB2 LUW)

Manage DB2 in an SAP environment using the administration tools in the SAP system and at database level

Database Administration SAP ASE for SAP Business Suite (ADM540)

Gain knowledge in database administration of ASE database running an SAP system.

Delta Workshop for SAP BI Web Intelligence version 4.2 (BOW555)

This workshop for existing Web Intelligence report writers and BI content developers will update skills of those seeking to take advantage of the new features and functionality of SAP BI version 4.2.

Hyperion Interactive Reporting 11.1.1 Reports Dashboards Essentials

The first part of this course focuses on two main development tasks: Query and report building, and dashboard building. During the first two days, you learn to create queries against a relational data source and create reports with Hyperion Interactive Reporting Studio. You begin with a pre-built data model and then learn to request items, filter and sort data, and process queries. Next, you use the results data to create tabular, cross-tabular, chart, and band-style reports.

Hyperion Interactive Reporting 11.1.2: Design Advanced Reports

This class focuses on advanced developer tasks and concepts. On the first day, you create connections to various data sources and configure metadata. Using those connections, you build a variety of data models, including meta topics and master data models. Next, you learn advanced querying techniques, such as how to combine queries and utilize underlying SQL.

Hyperion Interactive Reporting 11.1.2: Design Reports Dashboards

This Hyperion Interactive Reporting 11.1.2: Design Reports & Dashboards training focuses on two main development tasks: query and report building and dashboard building. During the first two days, you'll learn to create queries against a relational data source and create reports with Hyperion Interactive Reporting Studio.

Hyperion Reporting Analysis 11.1.2 Administration

You begin this course by discussing the products and architecture of Oracle's Enterprise Performance Management System, with a focus on Reporting and Analysis. Through a series of installations and configurations, you build an environment that consists of Foundation Services, Reporting and Analysis, and Essbase. From there, you provide high availability, load balancing, and failover support to all the components. Next, you examine how to implement SSL.