CommVault Core Fundamentals (CV-859)

This 3-day Virtual Instructor-Led course is intended for personnel responsible for day-to-day administration and management of CommVault® Simpana® software. The course covers essential concepts, details, options, and best practices for user security and management, system settings, policy configuration and use, media and library management, job activity and status monitoring, and job management. Students also learn how to efficiently and effectively manage data movement (backup, archive, auxiliary copy, and restore) within a CommCell® group.

CommVault Disaster Recovery Design and Implementation (CV-898)

This 1-day virtual instructor-led course is intended for administrators, engineers and other personnel who have completed Core Fundamentals. It is designed for those responsible for disaster recovery planning and implementation using CommVault Simpana® software. This course addresses topics ranging from general disaster recovery concepts and terminology to specific planning and recovery steps using tools and technologies relevant to Simpana software. Students are instructed on ways to identify risk factors affecting all CommCell® components as well as suggested response levels and approaches that help reduce the potential impact to production environments. Through real-world scenarios and hands-on practice labs, students integrate and apply knowledge to effectively recover all necessary CommCell components.

CommVault Implementation and Maintenance (CV-764)

The Implementation and Maintenance course is intended for operations and administrative personnel responsible for ongoing configuration of Simpana® software and troubleshooting. The course provides an introductory technical overview of architectural considerations, resource planning requirements, and installation options for deploying Simpana software. Students will learn configuration Best Practices and performance-enhancement techniques, as well as troubleshooting tools and processes that can help identify causes of and solutions for common problems.

CommVault Virtual Data Management (CV-917)

This 1-day Virtual Instructor-Led course covers Simpana’s support for Virtualized data in VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. In this Instructor-led course students will learn the underlying concepts, use cases, and best practices for configuring and deploying Simpana’s features designed for virtual data management. The course will cover requirements, installation, and recommended configuration of Virtual Server Agents, VM Archiving Policies, IntelliSnap® feature and Virtualize Me functions. Students will be led through practical use cases and provided best practices for configuration and operation of these features in their environment.